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Thank you for visiting the China House Restaurant site. We are specialized in authentic Chinese cuisines. We offer a wide variety menu with delicious taste, generous portions, and very reasonable prices. At China House, you will enjoy a blend of the finest Beijing, Szechwan, Hunan, Mongolian, Shanghai, Cantonese cuisine, exotic cocktails and drinks with American hospitality.

If you want tasty Chinese dishes in the comfort of your home or office, China House also offer convenient take-out and speedy delivery services (minimum plus tax order, delivery charge applies).

Major credit cards - Visa, Master, Discover, American Express are accepted in China House.



Drew F.

Best Chinese food in Joliet! Always serving the fresh deliciousness with prompt service. My family has been coming here for 2 decades and is always a hit. Every time we have a family gathering in Joliet, China house is our go-to spot. You will not be disappointed!


Raynette J.

In an outdated well worn path you will find The Best Chinese Food ever.  Only a place this delicious can you be greated with this decor...but don't be fooled this beat restaurant can't be beat!My love and i began our late lunch with Won Ton and Hot and Sour Soup.  My man proclaims best Won Ton ever..I tasted ..yes it is.  I had the winner..a masterpiece..Hot Sour Soup ...full of pork, Shoots and such flavor.  The usual someplace else has a flavor explosion not to be compared...if you eat one thing here, make it the soup!We ordered Combo Bites, a platter of Ribs, Eggroll, Won Ton, Fried Shrimp and the most delicious tender beef skewer.  All tasty.My man went on to order A Combo fried Rice...so much food it made our server giggle.And...on to entrees of Beef Tomato and Green Pepper for my man, Kung Pao Chicken for me ..3 bites in and so good but i surrendered...we have dinner for 4 leftover.Total bill.. .  Get there before 3 pm for some sweet priced deals.  Yum! GO GET YA SOME!


Aaron A.

The place looks scary and thats because it is outdated. However, I will say it has some of the best food in the area besides one or two other places off the top of my head. I usually order the woton soup, egg rolls, sweet and sour shrimp and the mandrin beef. In this case looks can be deceiving. Try it you won't be disappointed.


Ruth A.

We ordered takeout and were very disappointed. We got chicken and steamed vegetables, teriyaki chicken and fried rice. The noodles and fried rice were gross -way too salty.  The chicken had a strange texture and no taste. Everything was soaked in soy sauce.


Tanisia C.

Everytime i come back home, i have to stop at China House. My typcial go to is shrimp fried rice but today i tried chicken fried rice add broccoli.  It was good and my little one loved it. Only thing i wish is that the broccoli was cooked a little more.


Ed P.

"Not too shabby" 1. Affordable 2. Tasty beef and broccoli 3. Good egg roll 4. Excellent egg drop soup. 5. Friendly fast service. 6. Dated interior I will go back for lunch


Trust M.

Great food very polite when taking orders, I will only order Chinese from here. Keep up the goof work guys.


Elizabeth W.

The BEST Chinese food!!! I used to live in Joliet and I loved their food. I have since moved and I still haven't tasted any Chinese like them. I hope to fr some when I visit.  The restaurant does look sketchy but I've never had a problem.


Sara N.

Really gross conditions green fish tank. Food left out in unsterile conditions. Should have health inspector shut them down. Don't order the shrimp pea pod it's not on the menu for a reason. If you want somewhere nice to eat this place won't be the answer. It has a really gross interior


John Y.

I did some internet researching on Chinese cuisine in the local area and saw that China House had good reviews regarding their food.  So my wife and I decided to give it a try.  The food was very good, they have a regular menu with a nice selection of cocktails (Mai-Tai's, Zombies, etc, and bottled beers).The food comes to your table in traditional stainless steel serving vessels.  The prices are very fair and their selection of items is pretty big.The only issue with our experience is that the restaurant is in desperate need of renovation in the dining room.  It's not a place you'd want to take someone on a first date, that's for sure.  BUT, the food is really good, fresh and worth the money.This place could easily gain a larger dine-in crowd if they would spend some money on renovation and bring the dining room up to modern standards.We had Hong Sue Shrimp, Pork Lo-Mein, egg rolls and beer.It's definitely worth trying if you want good chinese cuisine at a good price.


Lupe G.

This was a pleasant surprise; it was no Chiba Cook but pretty close to in freshness. Since it's close by, I plan on trying more & hoping it will become a new staple


Steve S.

Their food is great. I would give them a four or five rating on food alone. However this place is just dirty. It really needs some TLC. They have a fish tank that looks awful. The bathrooms are about as bad as I have seen. There is another China House off Weber rd that is in much better shape and same good food.


Andy B.

China house is the best in the joliet area hands down! I've been going here for a long time, never had a bad meal.


Andrew C.

TRYED to call and see if they had pork buns around 8:50 I live down the street so can make it within the tiem they close at 9pm and a white guy picks up first problem there not chinese....then I asked and he said noooo...really rude and then says were clsoed anyways never will I eat here.and many years ago it was a hot day and I was like 13 and wanted to get water cause i was thirsty and they made it a huge problem gibeing a a kid free water really? hope this little shady place gets shut down they always have vehicles outside when there closed well into 1am or later and dont tell me it takes 3 vehicle to clean this little dump of a place.


Alixx C.

Ok so after giving It some thought and ordering a bunch more times here I must say the food has improved. It isn't as inconsistent as before. The pot stickers are still amazing and I do love their lunch specials and BBQ pork fried rice. The food of late has been fresh and delicious. Still lose a star for the ambiance and dingy outside and inside but the food is finally solid. Must have hired some new cooks. Thank you china house.


John S.

Wanted to try a new Chinese food place and saw this one is not too far from my house.  I couldn't believe the site of this place, it was a dive.  It looks like it's closed down from the outside.  The inside was pretty sad as well.However, the food was actually really good.  I had Singapore noodles and my wife had their Lo Mein.  We also had pot stickers.  The shrimp in my dish were large and so tender.  Most places use tiny shrimp and/or it is chewy.  My wife didn't care for the sauce on her noodles but she said the meat was really good and cooked perfect.  The pot stickers were very good too.All in all this place was above average and better than the Chinese options here in Lockport.


Daniel Dillon C.

This is Americanized Chinese take-out-style food. Menu options span the gamut of stir-fry combinations that mainstream white people can tolerate. In this limited way, the restaurant succeeds: if you want some cheap no-nonsense stir-fry with white rice and egg rolls, China House can deliver. Literally. If you'd rather have some flavorful fare infused with character and a degree of inventiveness in even a moderately shic atmosphere, look elsewhere.


John M.

Dave and the staff are great this is the best restaurant and Joliet when it comes to Chinese food I never go anywhere else thanks guys


Stacey O.

This is a fairly good restaurant if you enjoy Americanized Chinese food (which I do!).   Things I've tried and enjoyed:Egg rolls (some of the best I've had)Potstickers (also among the best I've had)Sesame chickenSweet and sour chickenThings I was a bit disappointed in:Won tons (kind of blah)Crab rangoon (not my favorite, but they make up for it with their potstickers)Egg drop soup (I tend to like mine a little on the runnier side, and theirs was pretty thick...this is probably a personal taste).Their delivery is fast, and as of yet, I haven't had a problem with an incorrect order (ordered about 6 times in the last 3 months)I haven't dined in, but when I have picked up food, I have noticed that the dining room could use a little work.


Andrea M.

best place in town for chinese food!!! always great service & great hot & fresh food!!! awesome lunch specials!!!! best egg rolls i have ever tasted!!! my grandma is hooked on the hot & sour soup!!! the crab rangoon is sooo good!!! i wont eat any where else for this type of food!!! I love the Happy Family & the sesame chicken! The place looks like a dump inside but I've never had a bad food experience! Wish they would remodel though!

About China House Restaurant and reviews
About China House Restaurant and reviews