Beef and Pork Selections

  Small Large
Fresh Mushroom Beef Sliced tender beef stir fried with fresh mushroom, peapods and onion in rich brown sauce. .25 .25
Beef and Peapods .25 .25
Beef with Tomatoes and Green Pepper .25 .25
Beef with Broccoli .25 .25
Beef Kow .25 .25
Beef Almond Ding .25 .25
Beef with Garlic Sauce(with vegetable or no vegetable) .25 .25
Barbecued Pork with Vegetables Served with mushroom, water chestnuts and Chinese vegetable. .75 .50
Barbecued Pork with Peapods .75 .50
Hong Sue Pork .75 .50
Barbecued Pork Almond Ding .75 .50
Moo Shu Pork or Chicken or Beef(No white Rice, comes with 4 pancakes) Moo Shu looks like burrito-sauteed green onion, egg and vegetable wrapped in a delicate Chinese crepe and servedwith a tangy plum sauce. It's one of the most popular Chinese in the western world.