Hot & Spicy

  Small Large
Mongolian BeefSliced tender beef blended with green pepper, onion & bamboo shoot in a hot and spicy sauce. S6.25 S9.50
Mandarin BeefSliced tender beef stir fried w/ginger & green onion, white onion in a hot & spicy sauce.   .50
Noodles of SingaporeAuthentic South China dish of rice noodles, shrimp, BBQ pork & vegetables with a touch of curry flavor.   .95
Hot & Spicy NoodleA combination of chicken & beef cook in a mixture of vegetables blended with hot & spicy soft noodle, black bean & garlic sauce. .25 .25
Kung Pao CombinationHot Northern China dish of shrimp, chicken & beef stir fried with diced cut vegetables & peanuts.   .95
Kung Pao Chicken or BeefChicken or beef wok'd with celery, broccoli, peppers, mushroom, water chestnut, peapods in our special spicy sauce and peanuts. .25 .25
Kung Pao ShrimpShrimp sauteed with celery, pepper, broccoli, mushroom, water chestnut in our special sauce and peanuts. .25 .50
Hot & Sour Beef or ChickenBeef or chicken served in a special hot & sour sauce with broccoli, pepper, bamboo and wood ear. .25 .25
Hot & Sour ShrimpShrimp sauteed with  broccoli, pepper, bamboo, and wood ear in special hot & sour sauce. .25 .50
Curry Chicken or BeefTender chicken or beef with onion slices on a tart curry flavored sauce. .25 .25
Curry Shrimp .25 .50
Governor ChickenA wonderful Hunan dish of lightly battered crispy chicken served in our special sauce and seared red chillis. .25 .95
Empress ChickenBattered chicken wok'd with fresh seasonal vegetables in our special sauce. .25 .95
Hot SeaA combination of shrimp, scallop, imitation crab meat wok'd with bean sprout, broccoli, peapod, and spicy garlic sauce.   .95
Salt & Pepper Shrimp Lightly battered shrimp wok'd with seared red chillis and onion. It is a dry dish no sauce but it is one of the favorites!   .95
Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet   .95
Fish Fillet with Hot Bean Sauce(No spicy upon request) fish fillet wok'd with peapod, onion, green pepper, and carrot in a special bean sauce.   .95