Poultry Selections

  Small Large
Chicken KowWe combine chicken and lightly blanched vegetables in the wok with a delicate sauce designed to bring out the different flavors and textures. .75 .50
Chicken Almond Ding  .75 .50
Chicken Hong Sue  .75 .50
Chicken & Peapods  .75 .50
Chicken with Green Pepper & Onions  .75 .50
Chicken with Broccoli  .75 .50
Chicken with Cashews  .75 .50
Chicken with Garlic Sauce(No vegetable or with vegetables) .75 .50
Lemon Chicken Battered chicken breast prepared crispy, smothered in a velvety lemon sauce.   .95
War Sue ChickenBattered chicken breast served over mixed vegetables in rich brown sauce.   .95
Fresh Mushroom Chicken Tender chicken stir fried with fresh mushroom, peapods & onion in rich brown sauce. .75 .50
Basil Chicken Tender chicken stir fried with green bean, onion, green pepper, carrots and basil leaves in delicious brown sauce. .95 .95