Flowers for Inga. Or how your life can change in a minute.

D he human is a very cute animal. He lives in large groups, enjoys socializing and playing, likes food and sex, appreciates distractions and intense preoccupation with little annoyances of life above all else. Man is a species that has also developed an awareness that its existence is finite. We will die someday. The time is not calculable. It can - zack! - come overnight or through a long, arduous and painful illness. It is in the nature of life that we hide this circumstance as much as we possibly can. Because otherwise we would probably run away screaming with panic.

But now and then an icy fist seizes our hearts and we are strongly reminded of how near death is to us , Whenever the impacts come closer, when people die, who affect us, who live with us, who work the same hobbies or maybe just similar living conditions. Then we are appalled that they are not there anymore, we are sad and stunned. And we are pretty queasy. That could have been us or our parents, children and other loved and cherished people. Why is that allowed and must it be so? What's the point? Why can not we - damn it - do nothing about it?

Inga died last week.

Inga was a delightful young woman in her 30s, Inga loved flowers and her garden and gave hers Enjoy it and her know-how on her blog. And Inga had blood cancer. The diagnosis came just over a year ago and has - zack! - In a minute her life turned upside down and cruelly. Inga wanted to get well again. She fought. And she did not give up hope that she would find the right stem cell donor to help her heal. For most of her acquaintances, there was no question that Inga would win this fight. But she has lost this fight.

I am very sad and concerned. My deepest sympathy goes out to her family, her friends, the people who have loved and appreciated her. The icy fist is just around my heart.

These flowers are for Inga.

Many bloggers will post today under the hashtag # flowersforinga post. We want to share our personal thoughts, remember Inga and help other people with blood cancer find the right donor, survive and get well. Because each one of us can contribute - and really easy - to helping other people out there defeat this deadly disease.

Flowers for Inga #flowersforinga #gourmetguerillaFlowers for Inga #flowersforinga #gourmetguerilla

Blood cancer can hit anyone anytime.

Every 16 minutes a person in Germany receives the devastating diagnosis of blood cancer. Many patients are children and adolescents whose only chance of recovery is a stem cell donation. But every fifth patient can not find a donor.

Only a third of patients find a suitable donor within the family. The bulk needs an unrelated donor. The probability of finding a suitable donor outside of one's own family is 1: 20,000 to 1: several million. Under certain circumstances, even among several million nobody.You will return the envelope.

  • Your sample will be evaluated and saved in the file.
  • If a person with blood cancer needs your stem cell donation, they will contact you.
  • You can always refuse a donation if personal or health reasons prevent you from donating or you simply change your mind. No one will put pressure on you.

  • Stem cell donation does not hurt - no surgery is needed!

    Often people still have the image in mind that a stem cell donation for a blood cancer patient is associated with very complicated and painful surgery. That is not so! In the unlikely but fortunate case that you can donate stem cells, in the vast majority of cases that works out like a longer blood donation. You get a drug in preparation, then a cannula in your arm and in a special procedure, stem cells are washed out of your own blood. This then gets the blood cancer patient. That's it.

    The important contact addresses:

    Homepage the DKMS German Bone Marrow Donor File
    Registration as a donor at DKMS
    Informational phone: 07071/943-0

    Central Tübingen
    Kressbach 1
    72072 Tübingen: T: 07071/943-0
    F : 07071/943-1499

    Cologne Office
    Scheidtweilerstr. 63-65
    50933 Cologne
    T: 0221/940 582-0
    F: 0221/940 582-3699

    Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I would be very happy if you continue to inform yourself about this topic.