{Test & Taste *} BBQ Deluxe: Win 3 x 1 Australian Barbecue from Recipe Spices

I love to try new spices in unusual combinations and exciting flavors. My mission: "In the constant search for the new taste" - so to speak. Therefore, I often run the hack for certain spices for a dish, cook it once and then listen to the many small packages in my Winz kitchen. Since you often need only very small quantities or pinches, the "rest" then floats for a long time in some corners until I throw it away at some point. I'm really annoyed about that every time - but the intense aroma of spices (especially when ground) usually lasts only a few months. After that, it gets weak to unbelievable.

I have the vague suspicion that I'm not completely alone with this phenomenon again. That's why I've come up with a slightly different "food box" for anyone who likes to experiment and try new things: Recipe spices will put together exciting and sometimes unknown spices for a complete meal in exactly the right quantities. These come in a small, decorative box along with the grocery list and the detailed cooking instructions.

RecipeSpices Australia Barbecue # gourmetguerrilla #grill # spices #recipes

A note for those who care about the environment: The outer packaging of the set consists of 100% recycled paper. The spice beakers are made from renewable raw materials.

RecipeSpices Content Australia Barbecue #gourmet guerrilla #grill # spices #recipes

I immediately tried the Australian Barbecue (as a convinced grill) and was really fond of it. The pack contains 9 spices and mixtures - of course, in the pure form without flavor enhancers, dyes and Co. The amount of spices is enough for 6-8 people, but is so generous that you definitely have something left over. If you only want to cook for 2 people, reduce the recipe accordingly and cook more often.

The content in the box "Australian Barbecue":
Cinnamon Blossoms
Mustard Seeds *
Coriander *
Allspice *
Cardamom Seeds *
Cloves *
Laurel Leaves *
Curry "Orient" *
Acacia Seeds
Tasmanian Pepper
Murray River Salt
Spice Bags

The spices marked with the asterisk are from certified organic farming. And at the latest with the acacia seeds I was on fire.

That's what comes out:
Cinnamon blossom sauce and acacia mustard Ketchup
Ginger mayonnaise
Mango dip
Crunchy avocado zahtar slices
Spice butter marinade for the meat

And that's how it looks from:

Recipe Spices Australia Barbecue #gourmet guerrilla #grill # spices #recipes RecipeSpices Spice Butter Australia Barbecue #gourmet guerrilla #grill # spices #recipes

The spice butter marinade - the finished grilled hot meat is turned or spread over it.It's exciting to make the dips and sauces yourself and not to put the usual bottles of ingredients like glucose syrup, modified starch, yeast extract and flavors on the table.

Only the Mayo did not work for me - but that is not new. As you know, I'm just a bit of a mayor in Mayo do-it-yourself (even though my mother-in-law always does it very well, Greta, I know you're reading this ;-). That's why I just stirred the corresponding spices after the 4th wasted Demeter egg (damn, damn, damn it!) Into ready-made mayo. That was also great. You're better off than me though.

Since I think you have to try it all out, I've organized three boxes for you.

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