Vanilla Pumpkin Thriller - a tasty Halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka.

H eute the man writes:

In our neighborhood, you can watch Halloween become a little more popular every year. By now it is no longer just a few scattered ax murderers, but whole armed gangs pulling from shop to shop and collecting sweets blackmail . Of course, under the loving care of the trotting guardians, because Mr. Fleischhaken and Miss Psychohexe should not walk alone in the dark, of course.

For us it's the same and I like to do this job, especially sometimes I fall off. The highlight of recent years is certainly the older Turkish kiosk owner, who has shoveled his shop contents with his full hands. As it turned out later, the man had no idea of ​​Halloween, but was just accessible to vociferous demands. Need to remember, could still be useful.

Negative was so far only the lecture of a Currywurst-Budenbesitzers, who has reported astonishing bibelfest about pagan demon summon and eternal damnation. By disguised children namely the end time is heralded. We said goodbye quickly, before the apocalypse he had to clean the tables.

Otherwise, the yield is very good. What I have never been offered before is a drink. The Americans are naturally much further and have an almost infinite selection of Halloween cocktails. The focus is almost always pumpkin. Skeptics who now shudder at the thought of the combination of vegetables and alcohol should be said: Pumpkin is much better than the original alternative. Because actually the old Irishmen have carved their Halloween lamps from turnips. And somewhere, the joy of experimentation sometimes has limits.

Before I march through the neighborhood with Grim Reaper Junior, so I'll arm myself with a small surprisingly tasty and delicious pumpkin cocktail. My favorite recipe goes well with European tastes, so it's less sweet.

And here it is, the Vanilla Pumpkin thriller. Happy Halloween!

Vanilla pumpkin thriller A treat for a Happy Halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka Vanilla pumpkin thriller A treat for a happy Halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka Vanilla pumpkin thriller A tasty Happy Halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka |

And here's the recipe for Vanilla Pumpkin Thriller - the treaty halloween cocktail with pumpkin and vodka

Ingredients for a cocktail:

4 cl vanilla vodka *
5 cl of nature over apple juice 4 cl Pumpkin puree (self-cooked
or baby glasses "pumpkin pure")
4c Ginger Beer
4 large ice creams Cube

Here's how it works:

Put all the ingredients in a shaker with the ice Shake well and briefly.

Then strain into ice-filled glasses and top with Ginger Beer.

Homemade pumpkin puree is, of course, the most beautiful, but if you want to go fast, or if you have to make large quantities, then you're in luck also very well-made purees in the jar from the baby food department.

The choice of apple juice determines how sweet or tart the drink will be - to your taste.

And just to make sure : Ginger Beer does not mean ginger ale, I misunderstood this misunderstanding.

Vanilla pumpkin thriller.Of course, that does not cost you a cent extra. And I get a few cents from Amazon as support for the blog work. Thank you for making that possible! </H6></body></html>