{Vegan & Ice Cold} Green smoothie on the stem - the ultimate fresh kick for the head. And the bags of the eyes.

I lean against the corner of the house and unobtrusively scan the second floor. It is pitch dark and only the old lantern across the street draws a sickly, dirty-yellow circle of light on the street. A cat emerges from nowhere and briefly strokes my legs. Then she disappears silently in the driveway behind me. It's about time ... I control my equipment: the small, handy pistol, which I carry in the holster under my close-fitting agent leather catsuit, the throwing knife in the boot, the steel rope in my belt. Of course, everything is perfect. I feel that pleasant tingling that always sets in when a dangerous mission is coming to an end. I've been following the archbishop the whole night, and I'll finally bring him down. There! The signal in one of the windows: blink, blink, blink-blink. It starts. Now I'm going up the façade ...


My foot in the 12-cm Manolos behaves in the middle of the crotch. What was that?


I'm confused. I have to do the mission ...


Slowly and reluctantly, I emerge from my dream. My agent catsuit turns into my cramped bed sheet and I find myself instead of the darkest London, in nocturnal Hamburg again. At least it's just as pitch dark here. Oh, God - I just fell asleep. Everything about me feels heavy. A look at my phone confirms the worst fears:

It's 2:47 am.


I'm catching my tired limbs together and trot to the bed of my son. His water bottle is empty and he demands that I fill it up. I do him the favor, while I ask me in a bad mood, if childless people really appreciate their night sleep. So, but now off again in bed. Tomorrow I have to be fit, because there is still this presentation and the 73 things that I still have to finish for the customer. And the annual forecast. Tomorrow ... tomorrow ...


I struggle through a tough, dark mass to the surface. I do not want to show up, but there's something up there that I have to take care of. I do not know yet what it is. But I have to take care of it. Now. Slowly I wake up. Sticky veils tear in my brain. I do not want! But there is something ...


What the hell is this?


This is the Star Wars Alarm clock from the child. Ceaselessly and penetrating things play his stupid Tüdeldü song. I open my eyes and wait for the child to turn off the alarm clock. But he does not hear him. And do not turn it off. I roll out of bed and drag myself towards the noise. Of course, on the way I step on at least three pointed plastic parts of the brand LEGO. Where the hell is that damn alarm clock? The big teddy sits on it. I finally find the appropriate button on the screaming things and it gets quiet. Can alarm clocks actually have evil-looking pointers? This one definitely has some.

They show 3:53 am.

I can not believe it. We do not use this alarm clock at all. Who turned it on? And above all, this time set? I am extremely annoyed. Then my eyes fall on the child, who is lying down and engulfing under his bed. Sweet. My little sweetheart. Oh. Mater Dolorosa makes her way back to her own bed. What was to be done tomorrow? Oh yes ... the annual forecast and the presentation and ...



I'm standing upright in bed, wide awake. What was that? Housebreaker? A blast? Did the TV tower fall over?The adrenaline is racing through my body in wild leaps. It's rumbling again colossally. It's the neighbors. From above. In the South American student flat share about us, it seems that a few larger pieces of furniture always fall over before going to bed. Otherwise, the gentlemen just do not seem to be able to retire. I'm still fishing my phone and checking out what time it is.

It's 5:03 am.

I'm getting annoyed. Tomorrow I will go up and make the right opinion. What are they actually thinking? What an insolence !! I foam silently in front of me. The adrenaline continues to turn. At first, sleep is out of the question. I lie awake. Ms. Marple has to step in, I'm fishing for a book and trying to calm down. A bit of sleep would be great, because tomorrow I have to do all these things. Make the annual forecast and the presentation ... tomorrow ...


My phone chirps near my ear. That can not be now. I just went to sleep.

It's 6:45.

I can not. But I have to. I gather my battered body and drag myself into the bathroom. From the mirror staring at me something that reminds me of these very old detergent spots: a face like an old towel, tattered and gray. I look awful and have in the eye area something that could be described with much friendliness as Puffy Eyes. A plastic surgeon, however, would probably want to start the knife immediately. I feel dead. And empty. And old.

I need something fresh in my life. For my brain and for my face. From the icebox I get a green smoothie on a stick. Ice cold and with a full dose of vitamins and whatever else plants give. I have a lot to do today. There is still this annual forecast ...

Green smoothie on a stick in a blender #recipe #vegan #gourmetguerilla #eis #black

Here comes the recipe for the ultimate in fresh mind and eye bags - Green smoothie on a stick

1 apple, 1 ripe banana , 1/2 pear, 10 cm snake cucumber, 1 ripe avocado, 2 handfuls of young spinach leaves, 1 dash of lime juice and 3 tablespoons of agave syrup in a blender. For the Vitamix, choose the smoothie program, for other mixers, process the whole at the highest level for a few minutes to a very fine smoothie.

Fill the smoothie into ice-cream , wooden sticks and let it freeze overnight.

To peel the green smoothies out of the mold, dip them briefly in warm water.

Tip: Green Smoothie on a stick is very healthy, invigorating and makes you awake. It is also wonderful as a nourishing kick for the eye area. Let the ice melt and distribute the ice-cold mass around the eyes. Alternatively, place the ice on the eye area several times for one second each time.