Weekend reading: The deli Vol. 2 and the SisterMAG No.7

D he first edition of deli is already a bit old. The food magazine with the subtitle "We meet in the kitchen" has indeed provided for shared opinions. The blogger evening for the launch of the magazine Gruner & Jahr was well received by interested circles. Less exciting then was that bloggers should contribute their recipes for the deli website for free. The editors of G & J found that this is an honor, but by no means all of the bloggers mentioned.

There were many positive voices about the style and layout of the magazine , Also, the recipe selection with focus on a simple and not too time consuming preparation was generally well received. However, some of the lyrics were also hippy and involuntarily funny - just as one would imagine young, attractive urbanites with active lifestyles conversing in the evening with their neon-colored accessories while cooking together in their white IKEA kitchens. Unfortunately, the phrases and clichés often did not really suit the female target group between 25 and 45 and would have been more relevant 10 years ago. Incidentally, this was also the opinion of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which brought a rather pointed article in the features section. A little more on the substance looked at Valentinas cookbook and found that 65 of the 76 recipes shown in the magazine were recycled from other G & J titles. Eieiei. So the start was a bit choppy.

So. And now the second edition is here.

Want to throw in a bitch? I leafed through the new deli on the balcony a little:

Food magazine Deli_2_Content

Again, colorful and wild here. Especially the T-shirt by Marcel, in which he cooks his "casual light recipes" ...

Food magazine Deli_2_Spargel

Courage for yellow space and large format photos.

Food Magazine Deli_2_Salat

A small hit parade, because music tastes better (right side Infobox).

 Food magazine Deli_2_Grillen

Not that it looks so strange again?!? No, thank goodness - it stays with the girls headline. The recipes are gender neutral.

Food Magazine Deli_2_Blogger

Blogger portraits rulez! Nice tips from three cities. Wait ... is not that ...?

Food Magazine Deli_2_Rike

Right! That's Rike von Lykkelig. She introduces us to her Hamburg. Very nice!

Food Magazine Deli_2_DIY

Ok, now I have the DIY -Wahn packed. As the man probably finds it, when I collect soon empty canned fish? I'm afraid he'll have to go through ...

Deli_2_Reisen Food Magazine

A little colorful Australia to watch in the travel section.

Food Magazine Deli_2_Gimmick

A nice gimmick : Pre-cut labels for homemade jam.

CONCLUSION: The tonality was once hunted through the main wash and comes in the new Output cleaned a little more neutral and contemporary therefore. The recipes are deliciously photographed and easy to copy, but for my taste every now and then a bit too basic. The question, whether it is again about recycled photo series orBut the layout is loud, colorful and wild - and provides the hodgepodge in any case a sympathetic overall appearance. If you are in the mood for a relaxed, inexpensive weekend reading and would like to be inspired by colorful pictures and well-known, unedifying recipes, the deli is certainly the right one.

And if you still have room for all the recipes for a bit of well-deserved, digital inspiration, just click on the picture and leaf through the new issue of the SisterMag No.7.
Have fun!

SisterMAG No 7