Why women prefer to eat, than to have sex and my personal well-being tips.

M orgens at half past nine in Hamburg. I did my best to look reasonably handsome, dandruffed the hair properly, applied rouge, tried to scrape the chocolate stains out of my son's dress and done all the things a woman does when she's dating somebody. Because I have an appointment with Achim Sam. And Achim is not only the department head of Fit for Fun, a trained butcher, graduated Dipl. Oec. troph. and wrote a book about a 24-hour diet, no - Achim is also the new Activia well-being expert. Things are there!

Achim is looking for tips on the topic of "well-being". For somehow it seems the Germans quite difficult to fall, the cause of well-being. According to the survey, only 9% of the total German population has an idea of ​​what to do to feel better. But everybody would like it somehow. Absolutely. Achim gets to the bottom of it. And that's why he wanted to meet me. As an expert in food and cooking. Icke flattered and schiele down, if you do not see the chocolate stains too doll. Also in a light blue dress. No idea what rode me there this morning.

Well-being expert Achim Sam

Achim is a real little heart and pleasantly charming. We chat a little bit about this and that while making a smoothie with yoghurt and fruit. Is in the nature of the matter, if you speak with Mr. Yoghurtdrink-Wohlfühlexperte. We cut and mix and have fun. And then Achim breaks the bomb:

More than half of German women say in a feel-good survey from Activia that they find food or a healthy diet more important to their wellbeing than sex. What I mean by that.

Uhhhm ... well ... cough ... sex ... The question comes a bit unprepared. But it is not uninteresting. So generally. I feel spontaneously, if the bun sits. Everything impeccable. Back to Achim and his feel-good question.

I'll have to think about that for a moment. Is it really that food is more important to well-being than sex? Is it permissible to think and admit it honestly and seriously beyond the childbed and before the age of 95? Or do not you instantly end up in one of those weird, ridiculed categories? In any case, according to certain women's magazines. Since one is advised quite quickly, sometimes seriously and critically think about the relationship, if you want to a 10-hour workday rather a plate of pasta than erotic meetings with the loved one. Haahhrgh.

The great thing is: I have a food blog and am allowed to give food in my life automatically a quite prominent place. But is food generally more important than being physically close to the loved one?

Let's do a little mental experiment: sex for one week every other day, but only junky, warmed-up junk food. Or: No sex for a week, but wonderful, delicious, and satisfying food.

What would you feel better with? What would give you more well-being? Does the question possibly depend on our individual age? Or the marital status or gender? Do you prefer to have sex at the age of 19 and loose your ole food? Or does our diet, even near the age of 20, affect our body and self-esteem? I can only say what it looks like around 40. And can we generally have (good) sex with 10 fast-food cheeseburgers in the stomach?

For my part, I can say that I do not feel well when the food is not right. No, really not. And that the thing with the nutrition for my feel-good feeling is totally important.I am certainly not alone with that: food is generally not only elementary nutrition for humans, but also always enjoyment. This has a simple biological explanation: Dopamine, a hormone that targets the reward center, is released - as long as it is a satisfying meal. When I am on the job for several days and can only access eternally kept business buffets or fast food, I feel directly physically and mentally uncomfortable. Too much bad food, too little dopamine.

Achim: Cooking after a long day at work - that's what many people find stressful. You obviously do not. Why?

Mel: Cooking is also a craft for me. To do something with his hands and then see the result is very satisfying. The process of cooking, therefore, I feel not as stressful, but as relaxing. Especially for office people like me, who work very theoretically for at least eight hours a day and sit at the computer, cooking can be a pleasant balance.

Achim: What are your feel-good guarantors? Do you have tips that are easy to implement?

Mel: Sounds suave, but it's harder than you think: eat consciously. Being aware of what you are eating does not automatically mean giving up a chocolate pudding but enjoying it intensely and with all your senses. This includes smelling of foods before eating, making them look beautiful and experiencing their consistency and taste without distraction. Not only does it help digest the food, it also prevents it from over-eating in too short a time. Another tip is to make a dish using fresh ingredients cook and use sometimes unprocessed ingredients. Experiencing the process of making it yourself creates well-being and allows a very different way of cooking. This way, you can discover new fruits and vegetables and give new impulses to the taste buds. Our senses are then stimulated by the preparation process before they are eaten - so the food can be enjoyed much more intensively and happily.

And one last tip : Feel-good food for the Take work with you. Feeding yourself well during a long day of work is not easy - no question. But small changes can make a big difference. I often bring myself delicious and satisfying food myself, instead of going to the cafeteria and tinkering with something that at best represents a compromise. In addition, I avoid indiscriminate snack from the Naschi box or go to the food sometimes to another place, for example, in the meadow. It is important not to go through the same monotonous rut ​​during your lunch break, but to treat yourself to new paths, beautiful taste experiences or just five minutes in the air. Of course you can have sex too. But that's - um - probably rather difficult at noon, so all in all. For reasons.

But: Why do we have to decide? Best would be sex AND good food. And lovely, well-behaved children. And sunshine.

One must still have goals, ne.

Info: The interview with Achim Sam on the subject Wellbeing has emerged in cooperation with Activia and may be read here and there in the press. Of course, the answers and thoughts on sex and food are my own.

And there are a lot of delicious recipes for good food here.